Fisher's Seahorse

Family, Genus, Class & Etymology

Family    Syngnathidae
Description    Pipefishes and seahorses
Environment    Fresh, Brackish & Marine
Etymology    Greek, syn = with, together + Greek, gnathos = jaw
Genus    57
No. of Species    298
Order    Syngnathiformes
Class    Actinopterygii
Reproductive Guild    Bearers
Distribution    Mostly marine. Some in brackish and fresh water. Distribution: Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans (mostly in warm temperate to tropical). A series of bony rings encloses elongate body. Dorsal fin single; soft rays usually 15-60. Very small anal fin. Anal rays usually 2-6. Pectoral fin rays usually 10-23. Adults of some species may lack dorsal, anal, and pectoral fins. Pelvic fins lacking. Some without caudal fin. Caudal peduncle may be prehensile. Very small gill openings. Branchiostegal rays 1-3. Basisphenoid and supracleithrum lacking. Kidney unpaired (right side) and lacking glomerulus. About 60 cm maximum length. Some very colorful. Usually limited to shallow water. Feed on minute invertebrates sucked into a tubular snout. Males have a brood pouch in which the eggs are laid and where they are fertilized and incubated. A revision of the seahorses is underway