Rugged Tropical Coastline with an abundance of Big Game Fish!

Most who visit Kauai are completely unaware of how epic and fantastic Kauai’s offshore fishing can be. Seriously, take a look at the Fishing Calendar and the What’s Biting charts below to see that there truly is a peak fishing season all year long on this Hawaiian Island. There’s always an abundance predators in these beautiful blue waters as the biggest, fastest and most sought after Big Game Pelagics are hitting and navigating this rugged, deep sea, nutrient and bait fish rich, volcanic coastline before heading back out into the Pacific and continuing their beautiful journey. If trolling around the ocean ledges for big game fish isn’t your thing, our Kauai based fleet also offers some great bottom fishing experiences for those anglers that love to drop their lines deep into the abyss.  What are you waiting for?  We have plenty of great boats to choose from, Booking a Fishing Trip online couldn’t be easier, and the HMF team will make sure that your fishing trip is a memorable one.

Kauai Fishing Fleet

  • 26 - 31' Boats ( 2 )
  • 32 - 39' Boats ( 1 )
  • 40 - 49' Boats ( 1 )
  • 50+' Boats ( 0 )

Price Range

$100 $2,000

 Shared Fishing Calendar
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 Nawiliwili Harbor YouTube Video and Google Maps
 Port Allen Harbor YouTube Video and Google Maps
 Where do the Kauai shared & charter fishing boats leave from?
 Where on Kauai do most of the fishing charters go?
 What types of fish are caught in the waters of Kauai?
 Fishing Calendar (Kauai)
 Map of Fishing Grounds
 Map of Water Depths
 Map of Sea Currents
 FAD's (Fish Aggregation Devices)