One of the best Fisheries on the Planet, including Giant Blue Marlin!

We know all of the adventures and activities advertising can be a little over-whelming while you are in Oahu, but don’t forget about a fishing trip in Paradise.  Fishing Oahu’s blue waters is guaranteed fun, Zen Relaxation and a truly unforgettable day on the water. There’s always a fantastic variety of predators and big game fish, and this particular island produces a strong and consistent fish catch year after year.  Even though Mahi Mahi, Ono’s, Yellowfin and Striped Marlin are all quite common, there’s always the chance that you may hook into a Giant 1000lb + Blue Marlin, as these sea monsters are caught on an almost annual basis out here. Keep in mind that there are many boat sizes and a wide variety of vessels to choose from, and the Oahu fleet is scattered around the islands many harbors and ports including Kewalo Basin, Ala Wai, Ko’Olina, and Haleiwa on the North Shore.  At any given time, there are more than 400,000 visitors on the Oahu, so these sportfishing boats stay quite busy. There’s no need to frustrate yourself while on vacation.  Simply Create a Search, View our Boats, Book your Trip, and get back to relaxing! HMF makes fishing reservations quick and easy, saving you both time and money.

Oahu Fishing Fleet

  • 26 - 31' Boats ( 0 )
  • 32 - 39' Boats ( 1 )
  • 40 - 49' Boats ( 3 )
  • 50+' Boats ( 1 )

Price Range

$100 $2,000

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