Where do we get our Fish Form?

100% of our fish originates in Hawaiian Waters and 95% of our fish is being caught by our own Fleet of Sportfishing boats. We have over 120+ local and professional sportfisherman that are the daily suppliers of our available fresh seafood. Our suppliers let us know their daily catches (being brined in iced seawater), and we either go and pick up the fish and/or the captain brings the caught fish to us within minutes of his or her arrival back into port. From the ocean to your plate, our seafood could not possibly be delivered to you any fresher.

Why should you buy from us ?

Lowest possible pricing! Just above wholesale.
Freshest of the Fresh! Our Seafood is same day from the Ocean direct to you!
We sell, package and ship our Fresh Fish Worldwide for Next Day or 2-Day Delivery
We are a locally owned and operated Hawaiian Company
You are supporting the local families and harbor communities
5% of all Seafood Proceeds gets donated to the Hawaiian Ocean Conservation Association

What type of Pick Up, Delivery or Shipping option are offered ?

Pick Up
This is the most cost effective way to purchase your fish.
We have Refrigerated Facilities on each of the Hawaiian Islands
All “Same Day” pick-ups between the hours of 4:00 pm and 7:00pm (evening)
All “Next Day” pick-ups between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00am (morning)

If you live on the Hawaiian Islands, and the species you are hoping to purchase has been caught on your island, we offer a same day delivery option for you.

Yes, we sell, package and ship our Fresh Fish Worldwide. However, because we are only selling “Fresh Hawaiian Seafood” (Never Frozen), our customers are only given the options of Next Day or 2-Day Shipping. Your fish will be fileted and vacuum sealed, then packaged in a combination of Dry Ice and Gel Packs that are proven to keep and maintain a refrigerated temperature range for 72 hours.

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