To be a certified Ocean Activities partner of HMF, you must fill out the form below in its entirety including agreeing to the HMF Terms & Conditions. When your Ocean Activities application is approved, you will receive a confirmation “Welcome to the Team” email from HMF. Please click on the “Confirm Email” button to complete the Sign Up process. Once confirmed, you will now be able to sign into the HMF Vendor Portal to make changes and updates to your company’s profile, as well as upload any required documents.

How Does It Work?

HMF is looking to be a Certified Sales Agent of your companies offered Ocean Activities. Just as you pay commissions to hotels, concierges and/or activity desks for the business revenues that they deliver to your company, HMF is looking for the same type of relationship with your esteemed company. A FREE and Non-Binding, independent contractor, reciprocal relationship for both parties to partner and prosper from.

The HMF Activities Vendor Sign Up process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions to complete your companies FREE Ocean Activities Profile for display and presentation within our HMF Website. Users to our website will Search and Navigate our Vendor Profiles to make Hawaiian Activity bookings.

When an Activity Booking is made on the HMF website, HMF will gather all of the required customer information including payment details. We will provide to our Partnered Vendor the number, ages, sex, and any special requests of the customers, as well as the specific trip and trip date that they wish to book with your company. We ask that you respond and confirm back to us your availability for the activity booking as soon as possible. If we do not receive an email response from you, we will call to confirm. Once the trip is confirmed, all detailed customer information will be provided to the Activity Vendor.

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