Beautiful, Glamorous & Sportfishing is in High Demand

As many know, Maui is a very popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and glamourous resorts, however it also offers an unbelievably great fishing opportunity for the family. It can become a little windy in Maui (especially in the afternoon) and keep in mind that there are less than (25) registered sport fishing charter boats on the entire island. With over 150,000+ visitors at any given time, you can see how boat availability can sometimes become an issue. Don’t waste any of your precious vacation time calling and haggling with multiple boats. Find the boat or maybe a few boats that you like here on our website, and let us help you book your trip. You will be guaranteeing yourself both an immediate response from the captain(s), and the lowest negotiated rates with these boats. HMF will also be providing you with many additional value-added service options, reminders and updates to make your trip more enjoyable.

Muai Fishing Fleet

  • 26 - 31' Boats ( 0 )
  • 32 - 39' Boats ( 2 )
  • 40 - 49' Boats ( 1 )
  • 50+' Boats ( 1 )

Price Range

$100 $2,000

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 Fishing Calendar (Maui)
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