Why Partner with Us ?

We are generating FREE business for you! There is no cost to join or participate. By providing the information requested below, you are applying to become a Restaurant or Grocery Store Vendor for Hawaiian Island Enterprises, LLC. HIE is booking thousands of trips annually for vacationers, and we are a trusted and respected leader in the Hawaiian Activities Marketplace. Here is a list of our operating websites where your Restaurant and/or Grocery Store services will be offered to our customers.

  • GOHIE.com
  • HawaiiMarlinFishing.com
  • SnorkelHawaii.com
  • KonaMantaDiving.com
How Does our Online Food Ordering Work

On all our Activity Booking Website’s we offer ONLINE FOOD & BEVERAGE ordering services. Our customers have the option to place their Pick-Up order from a Local Restaurant and/or Grocery Store. HIE’s provided services are the Online Menu’s and Order Forms, as well as the actual Pick Up and Delivery of the Food to the customer. We only charge our customers the service fee for Pick Up and Delivery.


We will Email or Phone Call In our Pick-Up Order to your restaurant. All we ask is that you prepare the food for “Take Out” just as you would normally do and write “HIE” on the outside of the bags or box. Our Island Agents will be by your restaurant to pick up the food at the scheduled time. You will be charging our customers authorized credit card for the purchase of the food.

Grocery Store

There is nothing that you will need to do. Our HIE “personal shoppers” will come into your grocery store to shop and purchase all the items that our customers have ordered.

Restaurant or Grocery Store Requirements ?
Restaurant Requirements
  1. Complete the Application
  2. Update your Restaurant Information and Menu
  3. You must be able to accept “Email, Fax or Phone In” Pick Up Orders
  4. Publish your Profile so that your services our “Live” on our websites
Grocery Store Requirements
  1. Complete the Application
  2. Update your Company & Grocery Store Information
  3. Publish your Profile so that your services our “Live” on our websites

Food Order Cancellation?

How Does it Work? (Restaurant as Sales Agent)

You will be a 1099 Independent Contractor and be provided with Hawaiian Island Enterprises (HIE) Business Cards, Kiosk Cards and/or brochures. These HIE marketing material will have a line for you to write your unique HIE SALES AGENT BOOKING CODE. It is your decision where to display and present the HIE marketing material for your customer’s consideration. That said, you will want to make it easy and convenient, as every time that somebody who visited your restaurant or grocery store books any type of trip or activity with Hawaiian Island Enterprises (using your SALES AGENT BOOKING CODE), this will trigger an automatic earned commission to you for the trip booking. It truly is that easy!Our software will immediately notify you vie email whenever you have a new trip booking that has been made with your code. You will also be provided with a “Sales Agent Web Portal” where you will have 24/7 visibility to all your activity.

How Are Commissions Earned?

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