To be a certified Affiliate partner of HMF, you must First fill out the form below in its entirety including agreeing to the HMF Terms & Conditions. Second, you must have a working website that can be linked to the HMF website address. Once your Affiliate application is approved, you will receive a confirmation “Welcome to the Team” email from HMF. Please click on the “Confirm Email” button to complete the Affiliate Onboarding process.

How it works?

Somewhere within your companies website you will have the Hawaii Marlin Fishing logo or a URL link line that connects your originating users to our website.

If a user comes to our HMF website from your website, and that user actually purchases an HMF offered activity or trip of any kind, HMF will pay your company a fixed percentage commission (see commissions schedule). Also, to be clear, any original user visiting our site from yours at anytime in the future will also pay out commissions. There is no limit to the amount of commissions that an Affiliate can receive.

HMF leaves the website placement of our logo and/or our website URL completely up to our Affiliates, as Affiliate commissions are only paid out on HMF activity that originates from your website. It only makes sense that you would choose where you feel this Affiliate Program works best within your own website to generate interest.

When are Commissions Paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid out quarterly (every 3-months). The HMF system will automatically produce a detailed list of all internet cookies activity that originated from one of our certified Affiliate partner’s websites. The Activty and Commissions report that is generated ties together the Affiliate Cookies Activity with any and all bookings that were made from the same user’s URL address. Individual Affiliate reports are always available online within our secure Affiliate Portal.