Amberjack (Lesser)

Average Weight/Length

Seldom, perhaps never, exceeds 12 inches.

Location Habitat

The Lesser Amberjack is not common. Most that have been definitely identified came from well offshore, usually around weedlines and flotsam. May occur inshore as well, although the huge majority of very small Amberjack caught around Gulf wrecks in Florida are simply juveniles of the Great Amberjack, Seriola dumerili.

Biology & Physical Description

Almost a dead ringer for the Greater Amberjack, except for size, but only the very smallest of the big species would be confused. The most obvious difference is that the band through the eye of the Lesser Amberjack stops noticeably forward of the dorsal fin.

Geographic Species Map ( Map)

Summary of Distribution: Western Atlantic: Massachusetts, USA to Brazil. Eastern Atlantic: Madeira; Turkey; eastern Atlantic distribution is uncertain due to past confusion with Seriola carpenteri.

Note: Distribution range colors indicate degree of suitability of habitat which can be interpreted as probabilities of occurrence (

Sport Fishing Techniques

Kite Fishing (Rig)

A Kite Fishing Rig is....

River Drift

River Drift means to use the....


Trawling is when....

Tackle & Baits

Ultralight spinning and fly tackle. Small jigs, plugs and flies.

Game Rating

Game Rating : 7.5/10

Game Description :

At least as good as other Jacks.

Food Rating

Game Rating : 7.5/10

Game Description :

Minimal Nutritional Facts by Serving Size: 100g / 3.5oz (raw) Calories Fat Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Sodium Potassium Protein Omega-3