Blackside Hawkfish

Family, Genus, Class & Etymology

Family    Cirrhitidae
Description    Hawkfishes
Environment    Marine
Etymology    Related voice to Greek, kirrhos = Latin cirrus = curl, fringe
Genus    12
No. of Species    33
Order    Perciformes
Class    Actinopterygii
Reproductive Guild    Nonguarders
Distribution    Tropical western and eastern Atlantic, Indian and Pacific (mainly Indo-Pacific). Continuous dorsal fin with 10 spines, 11-17 soft rays; interspinal membranes with cirri. Anal fin 5-7 soft rays. Scales ctenoid or cycloid. Vertebrae 26-28. Maximum length about 55 cm. Species usually small and very colorful; inhabits rocks and corals. Have many features in common with the scorpaenids. Feed on small crustaceans and fishes. Protogynous hermaphrodites, with few dominant males. Spawning takes place in open water near the surface. Adapt well to aquarium conditions.